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Top of the Mind is a monthly survey that analyses television commercials across different parameters. It is conducted exclusively for Mint by Synovate India, a global market research agency and supported by TV Ad Indx, an ad monitoring firm. The survey covers 750 respondents - 250 each in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Respondents are in the age group of 18-40, have access to cable or satellite television and belong to the high-income groups. Scores are compiled on spontaneous recall, aided recall and likeability, through interviews..

Reaching ‘Xtreme’ heights

A survey of the best ads on TV in January ‘08

Overview [ Top ]

Kurkure, a Pepsi Foods brand, has got the seasoning just right in the ad campaign of its latest offering - Kurkure Xtreme. The television commercial starring its brand ambassador and actor Juhi Chawla has topped Mint's monthly ad survey.

With a high ad reach index score of 96, the Kurkure commercial was way ahead of runner-up Nestle Munch's’ 'country of crunch' campaign, which scored 87. On ad diagnostics, Munch, with a score of 87, bettered Kurkure's 85, while LIC's corporate campaign topped the list with an ad diagnostic score of 87 and a likeability score of 100.

The power of a bite

JWT India saw the ad for Kurkure Xtreme as the perfect opportunity for the brand to take a leap

Ad of The Month

[ Top ]

The FritoLay Division of PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd's television ad for the Xtreme variant of its snack brand Kurkure has been created by advertising agency JWT India Ltd. The ad features brand ambassador Juhi Chawla jumping off rooftops and performing other stunts to reach the Kurkure delivery van. In the ad, the actor's sudden ability to perform these stunts has been powered by one bite of the snack's flavours, which has her craving for more-lending itself to the tag line: “Seriously thoda zyada”. Creative director Sonia Bhatnagar takes us behind the frames of the advertisement.

Edited excerpts:
What was the client’s brief?
Since this product was meant to be an in-and-out flavour launch (would be in the market for two to three months), the client obviously wanted us to make sure the extreme flavours flew off the shelf. They wanted us to create a strong impact during the short stay of Xtreme, so that it stays in the mind of consumers. They gave us a lot of freedom to do what we thought was best, while staying true to the full-on taste the “electric nimbu” and “risky chilli” flavours promised.

How was the brief executed?
We saw this as the perfect opportunity for the brand to take a leap, literally. So, the concept we went with was of a family on holiday in Jodhpur, where the housewife, Juhi, takes a leap off the fort in true extreme-sport style. I think the rest of it just flew as we took off on the name Xtreme, which is exactly what our clients wanted us to convey. Everything was unique about the shoot. Jodhpur had never seen anything like it. All of Jodhpur was on holiday that day and we had the toughest time taking the simplest of shots. The film was directed by Abhijit Chaudhary of Black Magic Productions.

Isn’t the concept of jumping off buildings to reach the product delivery van similar to rival CocaCola India Inc.’s brand Thums Up ad featuring actor Akshay Kumar?
See, the whole idea is to do a take on all things extreme. That includes James Bond, Jackie Chan, Bollywood action movies, the works. If Akshay Kumar is a part of that world, it will seem like we're taking off on him, too. But that's hardly the intention. The differentiating factor is obviously Juhi! Nobody's ever seen her jump off a chair, let alone a fort wall, over a cannon. Good old, smiley, bubbly, housewifey Juhi goes extreme... just for these flavour

Top Ads of the Month [ Top ]

Brand: Nestle Munch
Agency: JWT
Actor Rani Mukherjee sings of the country of crunch. A building collapse, a cricket shot, a military salute-all end in a crunch, and a jingle: “Yeh desh hai crunchy, crunchy sa”.

Brand: LIC Corporate
Agency: RK Swamy BBDO
A montage of visuals of the LIC man-shielding children from sudden rain, securing belts on a merry-go-round, giving helmets to the elderly. All showcasing the promise of protection.

Brand: Surf Excel Quick Wash
Agency: Lowe
A boy who has got his clothes dirty disarms his mother, sympathising with her plight, playing doctor and offering his prescription: Use the Surf Excel sixer pack for six days.

Brand: Pond’s Age Miracle
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Red tick marks float around women in a restaurant, a couple in a corridor, a pregnant woman exercising. Voice-over: About 99.9% of the women who took on the challenge are satisfied.

Brand: Nokia MMS
Agency: Bates India
Actor Shah Rukh Khan declares Nokia a friend of 10 years’ standing because it has helped him share some of the special moments of his life with loved ones.

Brand: Nokia 1208
Agency: Bates India
An elderly lady successfully plays saviour when battery failure leaves a bus stranded at night. Her “torch” cellphone helps her call for a new battery - and provides light.

Brand: Kinetic SYM Flyte
Agency: Ambience Publicis
Actor Bipasha Basu, riding a red scooter, pulls the plug on an assembly line of pink “girlie” scooters-today’s girls, she declares, are neither girlie nor delicate.

Brand: Reliance Mobile Blog
Agency: Mudra Communications
The world comes calling on a girl seated on a park bench. The star attraction: her diary, which transforms later into a mobile phone. The voice-over: No strangers on MBlog.

Brand: Cadbury Wowie
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
A boy is reading, and eating chocolate, when he is transported to a chocolate castle. He runs into ghosts-but the glowing cartoon characters on the chocolate wrapper help him ward off the threat.

Ad Awareness, Recall & Reach ...(Larger Image) [ Top ]

Ad Diagnostics ...(Larger Image) [ Top ]

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