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Web-banners on the site: With this you have the opportunity to reach the few thousand key professionals who take decisions about film producers, images/stock, creative partners...

Full access to the site: You have access to over 550,000 ads on the site and preview and download Indian and International TV commercials. The site is updated thrice daily.


The website is visited by thousands of creative, advertising and marketing professionals everyday for the unique and valuable information it offers. The Contagious weekly newletters cover the hottest developments in viral marketing, design, new media and technology and these draw visitors from across the globe.

TheAddictive fortnightly updates cover global campaigns,
advertising trends and topical international events like
Christmas, the Super Bowl ands the Olympics.

The Inform monthly intelligence reports on what is hot
and happening in advertising, marketing and media.

The Play Ads section features an easy-to-navigate
section to view advertising by TV Production Houses, TV Directors...

The TV Production section provides a wealth of information about Animation, Art Direction, Set Design, Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Grphic Design, Lighting, Scripting, Sound...

The Links section directs visitors to original websites of thousands< of TV Channels, TV Production Houses...

These sections draw visitors interested in TV Production and
offer a great opportunity to build
visibility for your Production House.
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